14 June 2010 @ 02:36 am
...ugh! This is stupid and annoying and you can totally ignore this as I'm mostly just venting. But, come on! I'm getting over being sick, right? My friends just left (it's 2:30AM) 'cause we were watching an episode of S2 of Tru Blood. They heard I was sick yesterday and left me alone, but called again today. I'm feeling a bit better than I was before and I figure it isn't too bad to just lay in the recliner and watch the show. But then, I was assuming I could just take some NyQuil after they left and sleep for a couple hours tonight, and maybe more tomorrow. But no. My sister cleaned the kitchen and now the NyQuil has. gone. MISSING. And it's too late to go in and ask her where she put it. So now I'm sitting here coughing, with a still-sore throat, my nose is not my friend and I'm all teary-eyed and upset because I just want to get some sleep and feel better in the morning. But no. I can't find the medicine anywhere. I even asked my friends if they saw it anywhere, 'cause sometimes I miss things when they're right in front of me. But they couldn't find it either. So if I wake up tomorrow and see it in the middle of the counter/medicine cabinet, I'm going to be pissed... *cough*
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11 February 2010 @ 10:22 am
...family drama.

*facepalm* Come on guys. We've had this discussion before. I'm not a lesbian. Just because I haven't had a boyfriend does not automatically mean that I'm waiting for the right girl to come along. I mean, really. What the hell? At least all of the attention wasn't on me the entire "conversation". It was turned on my older sister and how she can bring a girl home, too, because that's what we apparently do. I did make my family laugh at one point when Big Sis was saying how Dad probably wouldn't mind of she brought a girl home. Dad and I both turned around and said, "Well, if she's hot." at the exact same time. It was hilarious. I got a slap to the arm for it, though. All in all, a pretty good part of the talk.

But then it turned back to me and how I'm apparently packing my own birth control because I don't like to be touched. I don't like to hug people. My dad goes, "Well, yeah hugging might be bad. But rolling around naked and sweaty with someone is a lot of fun, right?" *shiver* "No, it's not Dad." So of course comes the, "What if it was Jared Padalecki? Then you'd wanna do it." I shake my head, because well yeah. That is different. But I'm still not convinced that it would be fun and there's no way that I'd tell my parents if it was anyways. But it still doesn't sound all that fun to me.

Of course, earlier on my Dad was saying how there's this Gor boardgame we have somewhere that he wants to find so we can play. Sounds good to me, I love a good boardgame and I was named after a princess from the Gor book series, so it would be cool. But my mom goes on to say how I can't let my friends see the game because it's too offensive, even for her. Which I kind of have to roll my eyes at, because they might need to worry if either of my sister's friends were to see it, but not mine. We're all crazy and we don't freak out because we understand how times are different now than they were then, and it's not that big of a deal. But the reason my mom doesn't want to play it is because, get this, you have to put collars on the women. Which, of course my ears perked up at the mention of such things, not that I let anyone catch onto that. But holy crap. Let's get started. Now, it is about women, so that's a little the suck. But that's okay. I'll just imagine it's someone else. ^^
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