13 April 2011 @ 01:10 pm
Just got home from class a bit ago and I'm still kinda crazy excited over what happened today. ^______________^

We had to come up with a narrative about a memorable person/character in our life and describe some of their behavior tendancies/personal qualities in the story we told. I wrote the 11 sentences yesterday, but wasn't really sure about it. Turns out, my first draft kind of really sucked.

How it works when presenting, though, is that you go up to the teacher when you're ready and sign in front of her and she gives you the grade, then you leave. There's always pretty much a line of students waiting to go and we can use that time to rewrite and practice our stuff. I rewrote mine 4 times before I came up with something I felt even slightly okay with presenting in front of her.

I wrote about my best friend, a story about a bully who was mean and how she was brave and scared the bully off. I thought I'd probably get a C, right? I memorized what I wrote and performed it for her (I wonder if it's odd that I liken ASL to Theater... hmm...). I heard the few people who were left in the class (the ones who'd yet to go) whispering something about it and realized that most of them were watching me (which was really freaky because I hate having to perform in front of the class and usually the people in line don't watch the person doing their presentation), but I just got it done, right?

When I finished, I just wanted to get my low grade and run out of class as fast as possible. But the first thing my teacher said (signed, lol) to me was that apparently my signs were really good. She asked if I have a deaf friend and when I said no, she asked if I had a tutor. Nope. When she asked me how I practice, I told her I use the computer. 'Cause that's what I did last night when writing my first draft. If there was a word I didn't know or hadn't learned yet, I looked online and found it. I now know how to sign "during", "bully", "recess", "she", and "we". And a few others that weren't actually used today. So, yeah. I got an A+ when everyone else that I'd noticed were getting A- and lower.


*happy sigh* I'm going to go order some lunch now. Maybe get some writing done while I'm still in a great mood. :D
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