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[profile] priceless_pixie sent me the link to this challenge last night. It sounds like a lot of fun and I've decided to have a go of it.

I'll be blogging about "100 Fics That I Love" because goodness knows I've read enough fic to blog about them. :D There will be multiple pairings (and even fic with no pairings at all).

EDIT: I'll also have fics from fandoms besides Supernatural. I started branching out in reading other fics last year (though I'd read Harry Potter fic before ever realizing SPN had some and before I knew what a fandom was). There won't be many as nothing has held onto me as well as SPN has, and always will. But yeah. There will probably be some Clex (Smallville) fic showing up, as well as Leverage and Harry Potter. Maybe others, I'm not sure.
01 February 2012 @ 01:21 am
I want to do that 3 sentence in WIPs meme going around but don't have any I can actually share right now. So this sounded like fun. :D

snagged from [livejournal.com profile] cha

If you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
31 January 2012 @ 11:55 pm
I'm going crazy because I can't sign onto AIM. I didn't realize until now how much I rely on it to talk to my friends. ;_; And I was really looking forward to getting some writing sprints done after class, but it won't let me log in and they are apparently having trouble with their servers as it won't even let me change my password like their site is telling me to do. @_@
24 January 2012 @ 03:29 pm
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] wistful_fever at U.S. Petition to prevent ACTA
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] lk737 at U.S. Petition to prevent ACTA
Kosmonaunt on Tumblr just posted this link to the U.S. Petition to stop ACTA. Here is what was said about it:

Americans, this is a link to the White House petition to End ACTA and get the Obama Administration to withdraw its support! This petition needs 25,000 signatures by February 20, 2012! Please, Please take a minute to sign this petition!! I'm sure the more signatures we get, the greater chance the Obama Administration may listen to us.

Please pass this along!!


Please check it out and Retweet if you're on Twitter (hashtag #ActAgainstACTA). Here is the shortened link for Twitter -- http://t.co/suHDHx8K

Thank you to everyone on my flist and twitter for talking about this and making us so aware! You guys have really filled my flist with so much information! *massive hugs*
23 January 2012 @ 04:20 pm
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] de_nugis at To UK Flisties
(Taken most recently from [livejournal.com profile] amber1960, slightly adapted.)

If you're from the UK and you believe in freedom of speech and an uncensored interenet, you really need to sign this petition. There are others floating about, but that particular one is the best way to ensure that your voice gets heard. It's hosted on the directgov website and addresses parliament directly. If it gets more than 100,000 signatures, it becomes eligible for discussion in the House of Commons.

Everyone's been getting so worked up over SOPA -- and rightly so -- that ACTA seems to have slipped under the radar. This is hugely problematic, because ACTA is a similar bill, but it has the potential to be far more damaging than SOPA ever could be.

Some people seem to have this misconception that ACTA is the 'European SOPA', but that simply isn't true. It's a global treaty, and it's already been signed by eight countries, including the US, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. Europe votes on Thursday. If they vote 'no', the bill will have to be taken back to the drawing board and reformulated, which should buy us some time at the very least.

If you think this doesn't affect you, you're wrong. If ACTA passes, it could well signal the end of the internet as we know it, and that isn't an exaggeration. It's not just about watching movies and television online. If ACTA passes, sites like YouTube, Livejournal, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and even Google and Wikipedia could become impossible to maintain. ACTA would allow ISPs to monitor your net activity and cut off internet access for your entire household if one person is suspected of breaching copyright. Think Big Brother is Watching. I don't think I need to emphasise just how damaging it can be to be without internet access in this day and age, when we rely so heavily on technology.

It's not only bloggers and fandom that would be affected, either. Small businesses, independent film-makers and unsigned musicians who have previously found their niche online would also suffer hugely, and would be at risk of being bullied into submission by Hollywood and multinational corporations under accusations of copyright infringement. All those artists who found fame by uploading covers of songs to YouTube would never have had the opportunity to do so under ACTA, as those cover versions would be prohibited.

I know the internet has its problems, but to my mind it's the single greatest invention to come out of modern times, and it would be an absolute travesty if we were to lose that now. From a personal point of view, I can't even put into words how important this is to me. I've met some of my closest friends through the internet and online fandom, people whom I would likely never have met without it, and it's given me this amazing social support system. I don't want that to end here, and I want to preserve it for future generations so that they can have the same experience and opportunities I've been given through my online interactions.

I know that opinions on the seriousness of copyright infringement and online piracy vary wildly, but that isn't really the point. Internet giants such as Google are opposed to this bill, and it's pretty safe to say that they're not in favour of copyright infringment, as anyone who's ever had a fanvid taken down from YouTube will be painfully aware. Whatever your stance on copyright, this isn't the way to go about dealing with it. This is dangerous legislation that impeaches on some of our most basic human rights, such as the right to privacy and freedom of speech.

So if you're from the UK, please, please sign the petition. If you hail from elsewhere in the world, there may well be similar movements in your own country, but I think the most effective thing anybody can do right now is to keep talking about this. Talk about it on Livejournal, on Twitter, on Tumblr, on Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of. Make sure this issue is never far from people's minds. The internet is an amazingly powerful tool: let's utilise it while we still have the chance.

Please repost and spread the word :)


Please consider reposting this, especially if you have a large proportion of UK flisties. And please consider spreading the word via other platforms: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, your own personal network.

23 January 2012 @ 03:51 pm
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] cantarina1 at post
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] electricdruid at The fiasco continues

ACTA in a Nutshell –

What is ACTA?  ACTA is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. A new intellectual property enforcement treaty being negotiated by the United States, the European Community, Switzerland, and Japan, with Australia, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada recently announcing that they will join in as well.

Why should you care about ACTA? Initial reports indicate that the treaty will have a very broad scope and will involve new tools targeting “Internet distribution and information technology.”

What is the goal of ACTA? Reportedly the goal is to create new legal standards of intellectual property enforcement, as well as increased international cooperation, an example of which would be an increase in information sharing between signatory countries’ law enforcement agencies.

Essential ACTA Resources

  • Read more about ACTA here: ACTA Fact Sheet
  • Read the authentic version of the ACTA text as of 15 April 2011, as finalized by participating countries here: ACTA Finalized Text
  • Follow the history of the treaty’s formation here: ACTA history
  • Read letters from U.S. Senator Ron Wyden wherein he challenges the constitutionality of ACTA: Letter 1 | Letter 2 | Read the Administration’s Response to Wyden’s First Letter here: Response
  • Watch a short informative video on ACTA: ACTA Video
  • Watch a lulzy video on ACTA: Lulzy Video

Say NO to ACTA. It is essential to spread awareness and get the word out on ACTA.

Via Tumblr

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Hey there lovely members of my flist. :D

I was wondering if there might be anyone out there willing to beta for me. A long term-ish beta would be great, but I'll take someone just willing to help out with a Castiel/Sam/Gabriel fic I'd like to post.

Help with grammar and looking for typos are always great. And making sure everything sounds good/makes sense. If there are sentences/words that just don't flow right or take you out of the story, those are the kinds of things I want to know about. It's a fic I wrote for a [livejournal.com profile] spn_gabriel stocking and I'd like to post it to my journal, but I'd really like it to get looked over by someone first if I could.

And if anyone is up to the task of being a more long term-ish beta, I mostly write Sam/Gabriel (as I'm sure is fairly obvious to those of you who've friended me, I think) and the occasional Sam/Castiel and Gabriel/Sam/Castiel is my OT3 that I hope to write more of in the future. UM. I do sometimes write J2 as well, but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea (or coffee or pop or whatever choice of beverage ;D) so you wouldn't have to worry about those if you didn't want to. :D

Right now it's mostly 2 stocking fics I need looked over, I think. I'm still plugging away at my [livejournal.com profile] angstbigbang so I won't be writing new Sam/Gabriel fic for a little while longer. But I'd really like to post the few I do have sitting around. :)

Just comment if you're interested. I might not be online much more tonight 'cause my bestie is coming over to hang out and I've got to get ready, but I'd be so grateful for any help. :D
Yes, [livejournal.com profile] priceless_pixie. I know you've been telling me this forever. LOL

But, man. My niece just. keeps. singing. songs from her favorite shows on Nick. Because they have them online. And she puts her headphones in and belts it out. I can't concentrate on anything. @_@

Maybe I should just... figure out what I'm doing for dinner tonight. >_>
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31 December 2011 @ 11:59 pm
This has been one helluva crazy year. Some good things have happened. Some bad things. It's the year I got to keep my room as my own rather than switching it out yet again. The year my sister almost managed to break it off with her asshole boyfriend, only to decide she couldn't do it. The year I got close to my older sister again, getting to hang out with her and my niece all the time. :D And the year that my mom had to move out to Michigan for a couple weeks to take care of my Grandma (who's doing better now) and we had to rely on my Dad for groceries and the like (*snort*).

But it's also the year I finally got my learner's permit and have started driving. And that my best friend and her boyfriend have been talking about buying a house of their own. I wrote 24 stories (40 something if you count drabbles) and a lot were over 1k words which just blows my mind. Still a die hard Sam/Gabriel OTPer even if it seems most of my fave authors have moved on to my Anti-OTP or other fandoms. And I even discovered a love of Clark/Lex (Smallville) and Cherik (X-Men: First Class) and even some McFassy for the RPS side of it.

Overall, I think it's been a good year. It could have been better (especially if my little sister could have finally thrown her bf to the curb for the really crappy things he did) and it could have been worse (still got a roof over our heads, relatively in good health). I've got family and friends around and I'm pretty thankful for it. :D

I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year. Especially those of you who might have had it rough in 2011.

Happy New Year
25 December 2011 @ 09:24 am

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. ^-^
21 December 2011 @ 04:35 pm
I know I'm not the only one complaining about this and I'm sorry to, like, fill your flist with stuff you don't want to read. Just move along. lol

I'm just upset because my friend was amazing and gifted me with a paid account on LJ with extra icon space. I've been wanting that since I started reading and writing fic. But now they've made all these horrible changes that make things harder and less user friendly and I'm just so pissed that my friend did this for me and now I don't know how much use it'll get.

Ugh, stop being emotional, self. It's embarrassing.

I still want to use my icon space and stuff, I'll just probably be viewing journals that aren't set to custom comment pages or whatever in my own style so I can still see subject lines and the icons are correct and everything. But I might be posting over at DW and just x-posting here. Not sure yet.
18 December 2011 @ 09:07 pm


THANKS SO MUCH TO [livejournal.com profile] enmuse FOR MY AWESOME VIRTUAL GIFTS. They're soooo cute. *-*

AND THANKS SO MUCH [livejournal.com profile] insertcode11 FOR THE PAID ACCOUNT AND ICON SPACE. I JUST.




...Warning for lots and lots of F-bombs. *nodnod*

Like I said, I'm crap with Twitter. I think I've posted 1 tweet and it was an automated one or something. But I figure there might be ppl on my flist or elsewhere, who are able to figure that site out and might want to do something with it. I already liked them on Facebook. Just needed to share this with others.
03 May 2011 @ 01:50 pm

I realize that I'm offering a bit less for this one, but that's because I want to make sure I can actually do it. I hadn't known about this comm until after I made an offer at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan, so I needed to keep this one a bit lower. But 3,000 words aren't too bad right?

Anyway, I've got friends in the south (they're fine, but it makes this one a bit more personal, yes?) and I want to help however I can. Since I don't have the extra spending money to bid, I'm doin' the next best thing. Click on the banner to see my offer. If it's not something you want, scroll through and see if there's anything that strikes you. Or make an offer yourself. Let's be helpful, yes? :D

01 May 2011 @ 03:40 pm

OMG, it's my first time offering anything. I've always wanted to but kept chickening out about it, but [livejournal.com profile] insertcode11 mentioned it and kept me from freaking out when I posted so yay!

I'm offering one fic of a minimum 5k words, so if you're interested go check out my offer by clicking the banner above. :D

~wolfish willow
18 April 2011 @ 03:15 pm
I signed up for this and I'm gonna do it the right way this time!!

A challenge to write all the words and get shit done in a week.

Anyone who needs an extra boost? Try it out. It's a great way to get motivation and have people cheer for you to get shit done. :D:D:D It's already helped get my muse working again. ^_____________^
13 April 2011 @ 01:10 pm
Just got home from class a bit ago and I'm still kinda crazy excited over what happened today. ^______________^

We had to come up with a narrative about a memorable person/character in our life and describe some of their behavior tendancies/personal qualities in the story we told. I wrote the 11 sentences yesterday, but wasn't really sure about it. Turns out, my first draft kind of really sucked.

How it works when presenting, though, is that you go up to the teacher when you're ready and sign in front of her and she gives you the grade, then you leave. There's always pretty much a line of students waiting to go and we can use that time to rewrite and practice our stuff. I rewrote mine 4 times before I came up with something I felt even slightly okay with presenting in front of her.

I wrote about my best friend, a story about a bully who was mean and how she was brave and scared the bully off. I thought I'd probably get a C, right? I memorized what I wrote and performed it for her (I wonder if it's odd that I liken ASL to Theater... hmm...). I heard the few people who were left in the class (the ones who'd yet to go) whispering something about it and realized that most of them were watching me (which was really freaky because I hate having to perform in front of the class and usually the people in line don't watch the person doing their presentation), but I just got it done, right?

When I finished, I just wanted to get my low grade and run out of class as fast as possible. But the first thing my teacher said (signed, lol) to me was that apparently my signs were really good. She asked if I have a deaf friend and when I said no, she asked if I had a tutor. Nope. When she asked me how I practice, I told her I use the computer. 'Cause that's what I did last night when writing my first draft. If there was a word I didn't know or hadn't learned yet, I looked online and found it. I now know how to sign "during", "bully", "recess", "she", and "we". And a few others that weren't actually used today. So, yeah. I got an A+ when everyone else that I'd noticed were getting A- and lower.


*happy sigh* I'm going to go order some lunch now. Maybe get some writing done while I'm still in a great mood. :D
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26 March 2011 @ 09:23 pm
*eyes icon* Look at that man. How can he possibly be losing ground in the votes?


Vote for Jared!!!

heh, sorry. I couldn't help myself. He's just so yummy...
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