{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

[profile] priceless_pixie sent me the link to this challenge last night. It sounds like a lot of fun and I've decided to have a go of it.

I'll be blogging about "100 Fics That I Love" because goodness knows I've read enough fic to blog about them. :D There will be multiple pairings (and even fic with no pairings at all).

EDIT: I'll also have fics from fandoms besides Supernatural. I started branching out in reading other fics last year (though I'd read Harry Potter fic before ever realizing SPN had some and before I knew what a fandom was). There won't be many as nothing has held onto me as well as SPN has, and always will. But yeah. There will probably be some Clex (Smallville) fic showing up, as well as Leverage and Harry Potter. Maybe others, I'm not sure.
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